Family law

Lawyers of Eurasia Legal Consult LLP have extensive experience in family law matters. We assist in the dissolution of marriage, the recovery of alimony, the drafting marriage contracts, the establishment of custody and guardianship, adoption and other matters. The lawyers of our firm have a wide practice of successfully solving cases on family law.

The marital and family legislation of Kazakhstan is based on the following, among others, principles:

1) equality of rights of spouses in the family;

2) inadmissibility of interference of anyone in the affairs of the family;

3) the priority of family, upbringing of children, care for their development and well-being;

4) the voluntariness of the marriage of a man and a woman;

5) ensuring judicial protection of rights for family members.

People at their own discretion dispose their rights arising from marital and family relations, including the right to protect these rights.

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