Best Profi

The international law firm “Eurasia Legal Consult” is the official distributor of the information system “Best Profi” in the territory of the city of Shymkent and Turkistan region.

The information system “Best Profi” is a collection of laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as acts of international law.

The Best Profi system includes consulting systems in various specialties, combining the capabilities of the traditional reference and legal system, publishing of professional journals, book online store, platforms for receiving and providing advice.

The system is replenished daily with fresh documents. The content service constantly and systematically monitors all normative and enforcement processes and ensures that all important documents are promptly placed in the system without exception.

The Best Profi system contains the only systematic base of translations of normative acts into English in Kazakhstan.

The system contains an impressive systematic database of letters from state bodies within the framework of the project “Responses of state bodies.”

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