Legal outsourcing is becoming increasingly relevant and in high demand in business. It allows to use professional legal support without burdening itself with organizational and additional financial costs.

The international law firm Eurasia Legal Consult has a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner and prefers long-term cooperation. That is why you can be confident that our specialists will do everything to resolve successfully any problem situation.

Clients are provided with the main thing: the guarantee of qualified legal assistance in all legal matters.

Advantages of outsourcing

AdvantageIn-houseEurasia Legal Consult
1Quality2-3 fields of law7 lawyers =
10-12 fields of law
2Quickness1 contract per hour2-3 conracts per hour
3PriceStarting from KZT 250,000Starting from KZT 200,000
4VacationPaid + temporary absence of a lawyerNot paid + continuous legal support
5Sick leavePaid + temporary absence of a lawyerNot paid + continuous legal support
6LanguagesKazakh / RussianKazakh + Russian + English
7ConfidentialityUnlimited accessLimited access
8Termination30 days + compensation10-15 days, no compensation


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