Registration of companies

Our specialists have a long-term practice of registering Individual Entrepreneur and Limited Liability Partnership. In particular, we develop foundation documents, and carry out a complex of measures for the state registration of companies, registration for VAT, cash registers, opening bank accounts, manufacturing seals.

A legal entity is an organization that owns separate property on the property right and is responsible for this by its obligations, can acquire and exercise property and personal non-property rights and obligations on its own behalf, be a plaintiff and a defendant in court. A legal entity must have an independent balance or estimate. A legal entity has a seal with its name.

A legal entity carries out its activities based on:

1) the articles of association and the foundation agreement;

2) the charter;

3) the charter and written decision on the establishment of a legal entity (decision of the sole founder) in the event when a legal entity is found by one person.

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