Land law

Our specialists have a specialized education and many years of experience in land issues. We assist individuals in obtaining land acts, decrees of the akimat, the division of land and other documents. The lawyers of our firm have a wide practice of successfully resolving land disputes.

Owners of plots and land users have the right:

1) to manage independently the land using it for the purposes of the plot;

2) for ownership of crops, agricultural and other products created by the use of the plot, and revenues from its sale;

3) to use of sand, clay, gravel and other common minerals, peat, plantations, surface and groundwater available on the land, as well as exploitation of other useful properties of the land;

4) to be compensated for losses in full in case of alienation of a plot for state needs;

5) to erect residential, industrial, domestic and other buildings in accordance with the purpose of the land.

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