Lawyer on the Phone

You can get telephone consultations in many branches of law through the year for KZT 75,000 only.
This option is convenient for companies that do not have a full-time lawyer but periodically require legal advice.

We can offer you three telephone consultations per month on the following issues:

• deals (both before the conclusion and in the process of execution);

• economic disputes (delay in payment, delivery, improper quality);

• labour law (staff reduction, disciplinary sanctions);

• inspections of governmental bodies (prescriptions, acts of inspection);

• judicial practice (general consultations on the civil process);

• permits and licenses (receipt, extension of the term);

• banking and insurance law (pledge, insurance payments);

• corporate law (shareholders’ meetings, appointment of the first manager);

• registration and liquidation of legal entities, branches and representative offices;

• tax disputes;

• intellectual property;

• other fields of law.

A timely recommendation of a lawyer can prevent undesirable consequences for your business.

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