Eurasia Legal Consult LLP offers you the services on recruiting of in-house lawyers to the vacancies open in your Company, hiring new legal advisors within the optimization of personnel in legal department and leasing of lawyers for certain period for the performance of particular tasks.

Few reasons of why you can trust us recruiting of in-house lawyer:

  1. High probability of success. We have continuously updated database of candidates that provides us with the wide opportunities to hire legal advisor, line manager and chief of legal departments. Lawyers of Eurasia Legal Consult LLP always mix with legal professionals of Shymkent and neighbour regions. Our lawyers personally know many legal specialists who are interested in a job or in the new job. Recruiting on recommendations is one, but not single, of the types of our services.

Therefore, the probability to hire appropriate candidate significantly increases in comparison to banal announcement in the Internet, newspaper or TV.

  1. Qualified candidates only. Not every manager of the Company or HR-manager is able to test the level of professional competence of the candidate. Lawyers and HR-department of Eurasia Legal Consult LLP conduct this activity on the basis of many years experience. We consider education, experience, self-organization skills, ability to work in the team, level of responsibility and other factors which are critical for the vacancy opened.

Thus, by hiring a candidate proposed by us, you will be confident that his/her level of education, experience and skills fully meet your expectations.

  1. Time and human resources saving. Based on your main requirements to the candidate, our firm independently looks for more than 50 applicants with further proposal of 2-3 lawyers for your final decision. You will not have to review tens of CVs and spend your time for the interview with many candidates. Eurasia Legal Consult will do this job for you.

As a result, HR-specialists of your Company will be able to focus in hiring specialists of other sectors or to perform another tasks put by the management.

  1. You pay for result only. We do not request a prepayment for recruiting services. In accordance with the agreement to be signed, you will pay only in case our candidate fully meets your requirements and becomes an employee of your Company. Our fee is determined individually and varies from 5% to 15% from the annual gross salary of the new employee for the first year of job. Consequently, you will save significant funds by hiring competent and executive legal advisor who will contribute to the increase of income of your Company.

It means, that you will not spend a penny until we find you professional lawyer who is able to perform the tasks in a timely manner and to minimize legal risks of your Company.

Recruiting with Eurasia Legal Consult LLP – is an advantageous and right choice for your Company.

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