Berik Zholdasbekov, LLM,

Specialization: corporate law, dispute resolution, investment projects

Experience: 19 years

License of the attorney-at-law: №23018828

Education: Master of Laws, LLM (Kazakhstan)

Co-founder, Board member of the Chamber of lawyers «Eurasia Legal Group»

Working languages: Kazakh, Russian

Berik specializes in corporate law and dispute resolution. For his 17 years of experience in medium and large enterprises, he has fairly earned a reputation of expert in a wide range of legal services, including business projects.

Participation in projects and their management:

  • preparation of an agreement with an investor from Spain on the construction of a factory for the production of goods used in the textile industry
  • successful participation in the court case on foreclosure of shares of a French company in Kazakhstan
  • development of a contract for the design and construction of a chemical plant
  • won labor dispute of a subsidiary of a cotton processing company from Switzerland
  • preparation of a legal opinion for a Lithuanian company on licensing issues in Kazakhstan
  • due diligence of a Kazakh construction company for a company from China
  • support of a public-private partnership project in the field of medicine with an investor from Turkey.

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+7 777 094 59 88