Sergey Shmelyov, LLM,

Specialization: criminal law, administrative offenses, civil disputes

Work experience: 17 years

Education: Master of laws, LLM (Kazakhstan)

Sergey has experience of working in investigative agencies, including the department for the investigation of especially dangerous crimes. After gaining experience in the investigation, Sergey joined the regional bar association and successfully defends the rights and interests of businesses and individuals.

Participation in projects:

  • successful protection of entrepreneurs against unjustified accusations of participation in an organized criminal group engaged in tax evasion;
  • acquittal against the management of a large plant in the case related to environmental damage;
  • cancellation of the decision to institute criminal proceedings against a trading company on the issue of non-payment of customs duties;
  • termination of a criminal case against a financial institution on the case of engaging in activities without a license.

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