Tax issues

The practice of interaction with tax authorities is one of the main directions of our law firm. We appeal the acts of inspections, orders and notifications of tax authorities, provide legal opinions on tax law, accompany clients during inspections, assist counterparties of false companies (pseudo enterprises) and provide other legal support in tax law.

Each taxpayer has the following rights, among others:

1) to receive free of charge in the tax authority the approved forms for tax applications and software required to submit tax reports and statements in electronic form;

2) to appeal notification of the results of the audit, as well as actions (inaction) of officials of tax authorities;

3) to require compliance with tax secrecy;

4) to record in writing the questions that arise with the authority’s officials during the tax audit, and coordinate with them a document fixing these issues;

5) to refuse from providing information and documents that do not relate to the objects of taxation;

6) to represent own interests personally or through the representative or with the participation of a tax adviser.

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